Are You Serious??? Flabby Cat and Slobby Dog

Friday, August 28, 2009.

Flabby Cat and Slobby DogAuthor: Jeanne Willis (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Tony Ross (on JOMB)
Published: 2009 Andersen Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 9780761351511

Unrealistically scrawny pop culture ideals, issues of acceptance and fears of unhealthy body image have made fitness and healthy eating tricky issues to address. This brazenly British picture book pulls no punches about the dangers of the couch potato lifestyle.

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Flow and Freedom: Journey to the River Sea

Saturday, March 21, 2009.

Author: Eva Ibbotson (on JOMB)
Published: 2002 Penguin (on JOMB)
ISBN: 033039715X

Today, our 9 year old daughter, Lucy, tells us why she absolutely adores this beautifully written and inspiring Amazon adventure.

Click here to listen to our chat with Eva Ibbotson on her 83rd birthday.

Other beloved books by Eva Ibbotson:

Click here for other Eva Ibbotson book reviews by Lucy and click here to see the postcard Eva sent to Lucy and Bayla earlier this year in response to their 84th birthday cards.

LISTENER HOTLINE: Chuck Stanley enjoys sharing his childhood love of Fox in Socks (by Dr. Seuss) with his own children.

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Of Comfort and Coping: Michael Rosen’s Sad Book

Friday, March 20, 2009.

Michael Rosen's Sad BookAuthor: Michael Rosen (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Quentin Blake (on JOMB)
Published: 2008 Candlewick Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0763641049

This beautifully honest confession of the ups, the downs, the confusion and fond memories of a father dealing with the death of his son offers a rare, candid, detailed look at sadness, solitude and the strength to carry on.

More thoughtful resilience on JOMB:

You can celebrate Poetry Friday by watching and listening to Michael Rosen performing each one of the poems from his out-of-print book of children’s poetry ‘The Hypnotiser’ here.

Pop over to Wild Rose Reader for today’s full menu of poetry offerings. Poetry Fridays are brought to us by Kelly Herold of Big A, Little A.

HOTLINE VOICES: Maureen Stanley shares her love of The Giving Tree (by Shel Silverstein).

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Choosing Love over Luxury: Ella’s Big Chance (A Jazz-Age Cinderella)

Friday, February 6, 2009.

Ella's Big ChanceAuthor: Shirley Hughes (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Shirley Hughes
Published: 2003 Simon & Schuster (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0689873999

Rife with bobs, crops and cloche hats, beads, bangles and silk, this refreshing Roaring Twenties rendition of the traditional tale swaps the wincing minion for a spunky, talented and unflapperishly curvy Cinderella who, like another C-character we’ll all be watching this weekend, understands that we really don’t want everything we want.

More from the Jazz Era on JOMB:

HOTLINE VOICES: Thanks to Maddy Lau of Styling with Renee Michelle shares her memories of The Little Prince (by Antoine de Saint Exupéry).

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Chuckles, Chats & Controversy: Mummy Never Told Me

Wednesday, February 4, 2009.

Mummy Never Told MeAuthor: Babette Cole (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Babette Cole (on JOMB)
Published: 2003 Random House UK (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0099407132

Kids do wonder. Kids do ask. If you can think of questions that might make you squirm, you’ll likely find at least one of them in this hilariously illustrated exploration of the often-hushed. Have a chuckle, have a chat. We bet you’ll be glad you did.

Looking at the web, it seems that ours is an unpopular opinion. We’d love to hear where you stand…

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More non-traditional families on JOMB:

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Just One More Book! on British Airwaves

Tuesday, February 3, 2009.

We’re thrilled to announce that our Just One More Book! podcast is being re-broadcast on terrestrial radio in Birmingham, UK (Thursday evenings at 9pm GMT). You can also tune in to Unity FM live using the internet, by clicking here.

Unity FM aims to build a confident community at ease with itself where individuals live together in harmony. Many thanks to Unity FM for making us part of it.

A big welcome to Unity FM listeners. We hope you’ll leave us a comment to tell us about your favourite children’s books — and that you’ll find some new favourites here on Just One More Book!

Click here for UK flavours on JOMB.

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Interview with Neil Gaiman

Tuesday, January 27, 2009.

He’s the inspiration for many things in pop-culture including a race of aliens on Babylon 5, the name of a planet in the Star Wars: Rebellion video game and a CD of music. He’s written almost every type of literature. His book Coraline will be released as a movie on February 6th of this year, and yesterday, he won the 2009 Newbery award for The Graveyard Book.

On this edition of Just One More Book!!, author Neil Gaiman talks about blogging, giving his books away for free on the Internet and keeping his fans up to date using Twitter.

Concise version of Neil Gaiman on the web

Photo from Neil’s Twitter feed.

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Woolly’s Got His Number: Mammoth Pie

Saturday, January 24, 2009.

Mammoth PieAuthor: Jeanne Willis (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Tony Ross (on JOMB)
Published: 2008 Andersen Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 1842706594

Comedic visual details and snappy, cumulative verse remind us that cunning and co-operation can’t compensate for a grossly underestimated opponent in this hilarious account of six scrawny cavemen and their quest for Ice Age tourtière.

Other books mentioned:

And, what do you know, it’s the exact same story as our Just One More Book! theme song “Woolly Mammoth”, compliments of Robert Farrell.

Far-Out Friendship: The Way Back Home

Wednesday, January 21, 2009.

The Way Back HomeAuthor: Oliver Jeffers (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Published: 2007 Harper Collins (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0007182325

Cheery, matter-of-fact narration and gorgeous fridge-door worthy art give us a mind’s eye view of one whopping lunar adventure in this beautiful tale of space travel, spunk and solidarity.

HOTLINE VOICES: Victoria Long fondly remembers her mother reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond) to her.

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Celebrating our 500th Episode: Chapter Book Chatter

Wednesday, December 31, 2008.

To celebrate the 500th episode of our JustOneMoreBook! Children’s Book Podcast, our daughters, Lucy (9) and Bayla (7), share their thoughts on a few of their favourite chapter books.

Books mentioned:

We hope you’ll help us celebrate by sharing some of your favourite chapter book titles in our comments section.

Thank you for making our 500 episodes possible. Looking forward to show #1000.

Andrea & Mark

Interview with Ian Whybrow on Booktrust and Booktime

Monday, October 6, 2008.

Ian Whybrow on the BBCNot everyone has the means to own children’s books; some have other priorities. And, with the increasing pace of the modern era, a growing number of parents are finding it difficult to find the time or energy to sit down with their children to read together.

Two years almost to the day after his first appearance on Just One More Book!!, author of the Little Wolf series and the Harry and the Dinosaurs books popularized through their own television show, Ian Whybrow returns, this time to discuss an initiative to put two free books in the hands of children who are reporting to school for the first time of their academic career in the hopes of encouraging parents to read aloud with their children.

For more information, please visit the following links:

Photo: Captured from the BBC report

Love of Reading Gallery – Oliver Jeffers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

Love of Reading Gallery - Oliver JeffersWhen we put out the call for illustrations that promote a love of reading, we didn’t expect to receive 51 submissions in about a month.

As part of the second anniversary celebrations of the Just One More Book!! children’s book podcast, we’re conducting short interviews with each illustrator that contributed to our Love of Reading Gallery. These interviews will be published three times each week as extra shows in our interview feed.

Author, illustrator and artist Oliver Jeffers makes an encore appearance on this edition of Just One More Book!! This time Oliver talks about his Love of Reading Gallery submission titled The Incredible Book Reading Joy.

Be sure to enjoy all of the amazing artwork in our Love of Reading Gallery.

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