PAB09 — a life changing conference

Monday, June 22, 2009.

We spent the weekend at the inspiring and amazing PAB09 new media conference.  We made many new friends, reconnected with longtime friends and had our heads filled with amazing new ideas.

The conference opened with award-winning radio producer Jowi Taylor telling the incredible stories behind his Six String Nation guitar project.  6SN, as it is sometimes called, is a guitar made from 64 pieces of Canada including a piece of Maurice “Rocket” Richard’s Stanley Cup Championship ring, wood from Pierre Trudeau’s canoe paddle and a part of the Golden Spruce.  This project has become so important that the Canadian Mint has pressed 30,000 commemorative guitar-pick shaped coins.  Jowi’s Six String Nation book was released over the weekend.  By the time his session was over, the PAB community was rushing to the front of the room for the opportunity to hold the guitar, meet Jowi and participate in an impromptu, community  fundraiser.  We estimate that the community raised nearly $2000 in less than 30 minutes.  We encourage you to become familiar with this project and do what you can to support it!

The weekend was filled with incredible sessions about digital legacies, storytelling, creative workflow, audio for the blind, videography, photography, life/work balance, authority and epic awesomeness.  There was also a series of five-minute JOLT!s which challenged the community to collaborate and discover a world beyond its comfort zone.

PAB is the kind of conference that you continue to attend even after everyone has dragged out their long goodbyes and found themselves back in their normal routines.  So, there will be no show, today.

We look forward to seeing you at PAB2010 in Ottawa.

Photos: Andrea and Mark with the Six String Nation guitar taken by John Meadows, PAB09 group photo taken by Bob Goyetche.

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