Of Curiosity and Creationism: One Beetle Too Many (The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin)

Friday, January 9, 2009.

One Beetle Too Many -- The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles DarwinAuthor: Kathryn Lasky (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Matthew Trueman (on JOMB)
Published: 2008 Candlewick Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 076361436X

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Wonderfully wonky, earth-toned images and casual, lilting narration treat us to the antics, adventures, achievements and apprehension of Charles Darwin, the curious young collector who changed our view of the world.

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Comment by Matthew Trueman

January 9, 2009 @ 11:13 am

…thanks for covering our book! We worked hard for a very long time on One Beetle and it’s a relief to hear people enjoying it. One small correction though…the illustrations are made using pencils, paint and collage on watercolor paper…no computer contamination whatsoever. Thanks again for talking about our book.

Matthew Trueman

Comment by Just One More Book!!

January 9, 2009 @ 11:15 am

Wow!! Pencils, paint and collage! That’s amazing
I’m curious about your “contamination” opinion….

Comment by Matthew Trueman

January 9, 2009 @ 11:23 am

…just kidding about computer “contamination”…although I suppose I do take a bit of pride in making pictures by hand in as tactile a manner as possible. An old fashioned grump? Probably…just a little bit.

Comment by Alycia in Virginia

January 9, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

The book sounds beautiful and I look forward to using it as a read aloud. What age range would you recommend for it?

Comment by Just One More Book!!

January 9, 2009 @ 1:12 pm


Thanks for listening. It’s recommended for ages 7-12
Our 7 and 9 year old girls both loved it.

Comment by John Speno

January 9, 2009 @ 5:17 pm

This book sounds really good. I wasn’t excited about it until hearing you guys talk about how much you liked it. Now it’s on my wishlist.

Comment by Chris

January 16, 2009 @ 9:00 am

I’ll be ordering this one alright. I’m curious though why ‘Creationism’ gets a mention in the title? Hopefully Creationist theories and Darwin’s are not being uttered in the same breathe.

Comment by Just One More Book!!

January 16, 2009 @ 9:12 am


I’ve named the post “Curiosity and Creationism” because Darwin and his peers were brought up to assume that Creationism was fact, period. Darwin’s very healthy and constructive curiosity led him to question something that was unquestionable and led to the breaking of old, established, passionately-defended thinking.

Comment by chris

January 16, 2009 @ 10:15 am

Sorry for having to ask and many thanks for clearing that up. I want to pass on Darwin’s breath-taking ideas and I’m afraid when I see the word ‘Creationism’ my defensive heckles tend to rise. Peace.

Comment by Just One More Book!!

January 16, 2009 @ 10:23 am

No problem at all, I’m sorry if that didn’t come across in our chat. I’ll have to give it another listen.

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