Dinner with James McCann, Kirsti Wakelin and Lee Edward Fodi

Monday, December 31, 2007.

(from L to R) Kirsti Ann Wakelin, James McCann and Lee Edward FodiOne of the amazing things about producing Just One More Book!! is getting geek out on subjects of literature and literacy with the incredible people behind children’s books. One such occasion took place at the Steamworks Brewing Company in Vancouver this past November. Mark had dinner with young adult fiction novelist James McCann, children’s book illustrator Kirsti Wakelin, and children’s book author and illustrator Lee Edward Fodi.

A portable recorder sat on the table and captured the entire conversation – two hours worth – and it was all great. However, two hours is more than practical for a podcast. So, we’ve grabbed about twenty minutes for this edition of Just One More Book!! and more of the recording will be made available on markblevis.com in the coming week.

Follow the JustOneMoreBook.com website for links to more of the conversation when it’s made available.

Highlights of this excerpt:

  • how feedback from fans inspires and influences
  • sabbaticals
  • creativity as a finite resource
  • productive times and places
  • writer and illustrator toolkits
  • how books are like drops of water

Musical stings: Veranda by Robert Farrell


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