Taste and Tolerance: Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon

Friday, May 11, 2007.

Herb, the Vegetarian DragonAuthor: Jules Bass
Illustrator: Debbie Harter
Published: 2001 Barefoot Books
ISBN: 1905236476

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Crackling with colour and humourous detail, this stimulating fairy tale catapults a kingdom from peer-pressure and pillaging to peaceful co-existence.

Here‘s what the folks at Teaching and Learning for Peace have to say about this book.

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Comment by Julie Burgess Wells

June 25, 2007 @ 7:45 am

Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon! With a name like that, i thought it would have indelible, cryptic messages for my kid to go the vegetarian way. The 6 year old wanted a dragon fantasy book and i thought, cynicism aside, it was perfect with the vivid, detailed illustrations and lessons on acceptance.

Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon is a dragon fantasy book / fairy tale about reaching out to others and accepting everyone for what they are. I agree, the book is not as comprehensive as Beyond This Point There Be Dragons but the kid loved it and that made my day. Everytime we pour through the book excitedly, the illustrations always have something new we had not spotted before. Well, despite my initial fears, the book is wonderful and well thought of. But the highlight is the illustrations.

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