A Feast for Your Eyes: The Party

Friday, September 22, 2006.

The PartyAuthor: Barbara Reid
Illustrator: Barbara Reid
Published: 1999 Scholastic Canada, Ltd
ISBN: 0590124285

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Plasticine illustrations magically bring to life this rollicking rhyming narration of a happy childhood memory. Anyone who has experienced (or imagined!) the rollercoaster of emotions that is a large family gathering will love this beautiful book.

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Comment by Isabelle

September 22, 2006 @ 4:14 pm

Sorry I took so long to comment on your lovely podcast Mark and Andrea. September robs us of our life but I kept thinking about you. The thing… with you two is…. you’re on a league of your own. You are so good at organising all this…It puts us to shame. I think your “package” is very clear, informative, and will please anyone interested in selecting a book for their children. Books are an amazing tool for learning and for emotional bonding between you and your child. My son Jon who has autism loves when I read to him. It is our moment of communication for me and him. So…from a family who believes in the wonderful world of books to another one: Bravo! I am glad that you and Andrea get to sit down and talk about your common interest, it is a great thing to share your expertise with others. I know you love it. I thought Growing Enthusiasm rocked… In a way, I prefer it to this one because it encapsulated the life and the moments of a family in Canada… But I am more of a believer in the “improvisation style” of podcasting than in the prepared interview style or the “niche” conversation style. Growing Enthusiasm is still my favorite podcast of all. I think it stands even above my favorite podcast. I still remember listening to it last winter and thinking wow…how absolutely brilliant! the sound quality was great, the theme song rocked, the idea behind it…”growing together” it is soooo cool and positive. I loved your little family instantly just from listening to those 3 episodes…which I still listen to, once in a while…It is instant refreshing medecine for the heart.

Anyway…sorry about taking so long. All hail Lord Blevis! And greetings lady Andrea.

Iza of Broca’s Area.

Comment by admin

September 22, 2006 @ 6:47 pm

Thank you so much for your kind words, Isabelle. We’re really happy that you enjoy our Podcast. We’d be happy to play a review of a book that you and Jon love if you send us one.

Mark and Andrea

PS – I guess I have to start producing Growing Enthusiasm, again. Thanks for the motivation.

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