A Capital Lament: The End of an Era

Friday, September 11, 2009.

It’s Poetry Friday and, since I’ve been pushed beyond my limits by members of the book industry’s dark side, we present a poem I wrote back in the spring of 2005 to lament the loss of CBC Ottawa’s much loved afternoon host, Brent Bambury.

I’ve loved doing Just One More Book!! and it will be sad to turn my back on it.

While I’m reflecting on the future of what has been a huge part of our family, every single day for more than three years, I thought it was appropriate to share this era-ending poem (read by its recipient, Brent Bambury).

A Capital Lament — by Andrea Ross, May 2005.

That April day, infused by May, seemed clearly heaven sent,
The Gomery mess couldn’t bug us less — we’re listening to Brent!
Big news from Rome, then Pow! our own calamitous event,
We’d lost our man, and thus began our Capital Lament.

In two aught two, when Brent was new, our cautious ears we lent,
But soon his pace, words, voice and taste led to enravishment.
Who know his stint would be a glint? That Go! would lead to went?
And we’d be left a town bereft, despite all blandishments.

Robert Fontaine, comedien, now who will he torment?
Will Lucy sob? Or grab the job? To whom will Laurence vent?
We’re sure of this, we’ll sorely miss our host omniloquent.
You’re lane to fame is Hog Town‘s gain. Best luck and Thank you, Brent.

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Sounds Like Canada (June 23, 2008)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008.

At the request of the CBC, we have removed the excerpt of the Sounds Like Canada radio interview Mark was a part of. The interview aired across Canada on Monday, June 23.

The interview is available online as an episode of the Sounds Like Canada podcast. Click here to listen to it.


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Interview with Nancy Russell

Monday, August 13, 2007.

Nancy RussellBaseball; it’s one of those magical sports that’s been written about in every genre of literature. And with Barry Bonds having broken Hank Aaron’s coveted home run record, it’s a hot topic of discussion these days.

So Long, Jackie Robinson is a fantastic young reader book by Nancy Russell that weaves an endearing story of a young English boy who moves to Montreal Quebec just in time to take a front row seat for Jackie Robinson’s rise to baseball superstardom beginning with the Montreal Royals. It’s a book that everyone can enjoy — even reluctant readers.

On this episode of Just One More Book, CBC journalist and author Nancy Russell tells us about her involvement in The Field of Broken Dreams project and her book So Long, Jackie Robinson.

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Interview with Eleanor Wachtel

Wednesday, November 22, 2006.

Eleanor WachtelMark speaks with Eleanor Wachtel of CBC’s Writers and Company about the role books have played in her life, and the importance of children’s books.

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Photo: CBC


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