Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I listen to your Podcast (audio program)?

You can choose to subscribe (free) to our Podcast using RSS or iTunes, or play individual episodes by clicking on the play button of the built-in player in each post. You can also download specific episodes directly to your computer by clicking on the download link in each post.

How many listeners (approximately) does Just One More Book have? How many people visit your website each month?

Our audience grows weekly and, although we are a young project (born summer of 2006), as of October 2007 we log around 3300 downloads each day and ~32500 site hits per month.

Who is listening to Just One More Book?

It is always tough for us to know who is listening, but if you check out our Thanks! page you will see the various schools, libraries, universities, authors, illustrators and publishers which link to us — as well as Podcasts, blogs, directories and organizations which have featured, supported or linked to us.

Has Just One More Book received any media coverage?

We have been featured in School Library Journal (Jan 2007, Feb 2007), Books For Keeps (Nov 2006) and on CBC Radio. We also appeared in the June 2007 issue of Canadian Living Magazine (this is a prominent family magazine in Canada). We have been listed as suggested listening for two Children’s Literature courses at American University in Washington and recommended by American Library Association (ALA) as a 2007 “Great web sites for kids” .

Do you accept review copies?

Just One More Book! is a podcast about the children’s books we love and why we love them. As such, our JOMB book reviews feature family favourites from our personal collection. You are always welcome to send us any book you would like us to add to our collection and if we love it we will certainly include it in our show. The good news is that we never publish an unfavourable review!

Note that books suited to age range 4-10 are most likely to become family favourites in the near future.

How do you choose your guests?

Guests of our show include authors and illustrators of books read-aloud favourites as well as experts and enthusiasts in the areas of children’s literature and literacy. We also feature interviews with authors or illustrators whose books have not become read-aloud favorites in our home for various reasons (our children do not fall into the targeted range of age, gender or interest, or perhaps because the execution of an intriguing idea is still formative, for example) but whose personal stories, accomplishments, ingenuity or intentions interest and inspire us.

May I quote your site? May I use clips of your Podcast in my own audio programs?

Yes!! As long as you give us credit and link to our site. Just One More Book! is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

May I link to your website?

Of course. Be sure to tell us if you create a permanent link to our site on yours so we can include you on our Thanks! page.

Last updated: October 2007


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