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Wednesday, December 3, 2008.

Doggie in the WindowAuthor: Elaine Arsenault
Illustrator: Fanny
Published: 2003 Groundwood Books (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0888996195

Adorably hilarious illustrations and snappy, understated text make this imaginative tale of a truly crafty canine a swoon and coo storytime favourite.

If you’re wondering how on earth the author came up with this very bizaare plot, here’s your answer.

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Comment by Elaine Arsenault

December 3, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

Thank you so much for reviewing my book! I am especially thrilled that your daughter loved it…she is so spontaneous!

It is funny how things are in Canada. This book is part of a series which is published in 8 languages, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean etc. Doggie in the Window is the only one in English. I am an English Canadian author and yet I am known more outside of my own country. This book won the Prix Tatoulu in Paris, was short listed for the Willow Award (English) and short listed for the GG Award category Illustration (French). The second book in the series (French) was short listed for the TD Award.

Since April 2008, I have published, in French, three new titles for children 10 years and up. The series is called “L’or des gitans”. It just came out in a box set for the holidays; what a thrill for me! It’s such a fun story…I can’t wait to finish the series which will comprise of 6 volumes. Again, although I am bilingual and living in Quebec, I write in English. All my books so far have been immedietly translated into French. Let’s hope that English Canada will get a chance to read my stories too!

I love to weave a good story. I love the joy it brings to others.

Once again thank you for your kind words and especially to your daughter! She’s wonderful!


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