Interview with Karen Raab

Monday, December 1, 2008.

Perhaps because of the dedicated children’s picture book art galleries there has been a rise in dedicated children’s picture book art sections in traditional galleries and we keep learning about special events for children’s picture book artists.  Anyway, it seems that children’s picture book art is becoming increasingly recognized and respected.

We were recently contacted by the Chemers Gallery (Chemer’s Gallery Blog) in Tustin, California to inform us of their 17th annual Children’s Book Illustration Show taking place from December 6 through 20, 2008, with a special event for the show opening taking place from 1-5pm on the 6th.

Our guest on this edition of Just One More Book!! is Karen Raab, owner of the Chemers Gallery, who tells us more about their exciting event which benefits Orange County Ronald McDonald House.

This year’s artists:

Photo of Karen Raab by Paul Rodriguez, The Orange County Register.


Comment by Jane Moon

December 1, 2008 @ 10:04 pm

I enjoyed your interview with Karen Raab of Chemers Gallery. This is a charming small gallery in Tustin, California, which represents very good artists. Often, the children’s book illustrations are far more than “illustrations” and could well be considered true art — especially as many of the artists are so skilled in traditional methods and seem so wonderfully imaginative. Some fine illustrators from past shows that I have enjoyed include Raul Colon, Dennis Nolan, Laura Regan, Daniel San Souci, Dean Morrisey, and many others, a nice collection of artists from many parts of the country.
It’s interesting that your focus is on the east coast. What about the rest of the country? There are people all along the west coast, many of them in the greater Los Angeles-Orange County area, who are reasonably educated and interested in writing and art. Some of us have collected children’s books for decades and appreciate good writing and illustration.

Comment by Mark

December 1, 2008 @ 10:34 pm

Thanks so much for your comment.

We don’t actually focus on the east coast, it just happens to be fresh in our mind following a recent 6-day road trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts during which we spent time getting to know a lot of the authors and illustrators in the area (audio and video to come).

Our podcast features authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, publicists, literacy experts and librarians from around the world. If you go through our index of interviews, you will likely find a few familiar names from your area.

Comment by Andy

December 2, 2008 @ 7:18 am

Very interesting (and great news to hear how popular children’s book art is becoming). Loved hearing about how they work with the different charities. What a cool post — in a time when my own art goes up in a west coast children’s book gallery!

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