Interview with Rachna Gilmore

Monday, April 9, 2007.

Rachna Gilmore Just One More Book! is a regular contributor to the online Children’s Literature Monthly Journal, The Edge of the Forest. This information-packed online resource includes book reviews, interviews, the latest news from the online children’s/YA literature community and much more.

Our monthly audio segment is called Sounds from the Forest. This month’s segment includes an excerpt and some outtakes from our interview with Rachna Gilmore.

Mark speaks with author Rachna Gilmore (on JOMB) about her writing as neither work nor play, but “plark”, writing from the child inside and authenticity in characters.

Books mentioned:

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November 26, 2007 @ 9:28 am

[…] I’d always thought the children’s book publishing industry demanded its community to be based in obvious big cities like New York, Toronto and London so it’s exciting to find out that there are amazing children’s book authors and illustrators living in and around Ottawa, Canada, the hometown of Just One More Book!. In fact, locals including Rachna Gilmore, Ben Hodson and Andree Poulin have all been guests of our show. […]

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