Intolerance and Intrigue: Victor and Christabel

Friday, March 2, 2007.

Victor and ChristabelAuthor: Petra Mathers
Illustrator: Petra Mathers
Published: 1993 Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN: 0679930604

Packed with colour and captivating character, this modern fairy tale whisks us through the darkness of domination, the sweet spell of infatuation and the prison of our own limitations — then leaves us chewing dreamily on the issues it presents.

Sadly, this is another wonderful book which has fallen out of print. I hope your library has a copy.

Read more about The Dream of Saint Ursula here. See the original sketch here.

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Comment by Leslie

April 27, 2007 @ 5:27 pm

I found the discussion of this book to be very helpful because if I had read it before hearing your opinions, I might have also jumped to the conclusion that the female character was not a positive one. I think that you have pointed out the importance of critical literacy for children. If we open up the dialogue about what is going on in a book and what the characters are like, then we can give children the tools to see the positive and the negative in texts and process the information in a beneficial way.
Leslie Jones
Washington DC

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Comment by Petra Mathers

February 27, 2008 @ 6:38 pm

I just listened to a conversation about my book Victor and Christabel and I was spellbound and grateful. Such a lovely discussion, so much thought and deep interest and understanding. Thank you so much, it is my husband’s favorite book of mine, of course, it is about love.
Just One More Book is such a great idea and I am honored to be a little part of it.

All my best,

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